About us

For almost fifteen years we have produced around 75 films, with no limits on genre or length, in the belief that audiences are waiting for ambitious, unusual and unprecedented experiences.
Therefore, we demand from our artists a very high level of artistic commitment.
It is in this spirit that we have been collaborating with very talented filmmakers such as Guillaume Brac, Emilie Brisavoine, Abel Ferrara, Emmanuel Gras, Arthur Harari, Antonin Peretjako, Hubert Viel or Virgil Vernier.
Our productions are also turned towards the international scene, like the films of Abel Ferrara, Mihai Grecu, Berni Goldblat or Arthur Harari and the co-productions we have made with Germany, Belgium, Burkina-Faso, Cambodia, Italy, Japan, Switzerland....
Our films, both short and long, have been presented in hundreds of international festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, Venise,  winning prestigious awards and accompanied by partners such as Le Pacte, Les Films du Losange, Pyramide, The Match Factory...


Producer/ Founder :                                          Nicolas Anthomé

Financial&Administration Director:         Antoine Stehlé

Production :                                                           Léa Baggi and Elie Bartin


40, rue des Petites-Ecuries 75010 Paris
(+33) 1 40 21 37 02