a film by Johanna Pykkö
Coproduction MB17, Oslo Pictures (Norway), Garage Film (Sweden).
107' / Fiction / 2024
With Camilla Godø Krohn, Radoslav Vladimirov, Maya Amina Moustache Thuv, Renata Aleksejunaite Christensen, Laila Goody
Ebba, a lonely 18-year-old woman, works in the harbor of Oslo. One night, she finds a beautiful man with a head injury on the ground and tries to help him.
When she discovers that he has amnesia, she tricks him into believing they are lovers and builds a world for them based on lies.
Little by little, Ebba finds out about his past life and that turns everything upside-down.
PARTNERS : CNC, Arte France Cinema, Arte Kino, Eurimages, Cineventure, Norway Film Institute, Oslo Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute
THEATRE: National release on July 24th 2024 (Pyramide Films)
TV : Arte, Nordik Film and TV Fund, SVT
WORLD SALES : Pyramide Films
FESTIVALS : Festival Premiers Plans Angers - Compétition 2024, Film Festival Göteborg 2024 (Sweden)