a film by Lola Halifa-Legrand

France / 13' / 2022

With Tissem Boukhchem, Gaspard Caens, Bastien Bouillon, Esther Garrel, Tyra Wigg.

Selma, 7 years old, is touched by one of her father's friends in a movie theater. Upset, she now sees him with the face of an animal. After trying to talk to her mother about it, will she find the courage to confront him?

PARTNERS : CNC, Mairie de Paris, ARTE


TV : Arte
FESTIVALS : 79th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica (Venice Film Festival) 2022 ; Cinemaforum (Poland) 2022 ; Festival International du film francophone de Namur (Belgium) 2022 ; Azyl Short Festival (Slovakia) 2023 ;  i-Fest International Film Festival (Italy) 2023 ;  Hong-Kong  International Film Festival (China) 2023 ; Festival européen du film court de Brest 2022 ; Festival tous courts (Aix en Provence) 2022 ; Paris Courts Devant 2023 ; Festival du film court en plein air (Grenoble) 2023