Treasure Island

a film by Guillaume Brac

96' / Documentary / 2018

It's summer on a leisure base in the tougher Paris suburbs.

A land of adventures, flirting and transgression for some, a place to hide out or take a break for others. With its beach and its hidden nooks and crannies, it’s like a childhood kingdom waiting to be explored, resonating with the turmoil of today’s society.


PARTNERS : Ciné +, La Région Île de France, Cinémage 12
THEATRE : National release on July 4th (Les Films du Losange) / CityClub, Spoutnik and ABC Cinemas (Switzerland)
TV: Ciné+

WORLD SALES : bathysphere

FESTIVALS : Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Zurich International Film Festival, Festival Cineuropa (Spain), La Rochelle International Film Festival, MedFilm Festival (Italy), Indie Junior Allianz Film Festival (Portugal), True/False Film Festival (USA), DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (Finland), DocPoint Tallinn Documentary Film Festival (Estonia), BAFICI (Argentina), Jeonju Film Festival (KR), Indie Lisboa (Portugal), D'A Film Festival (Spain), Uruguay International Film Festival (Uruguay), Dallas International Film Festival (USA)